Photo of the view outside our hotel room. 60 second exposure, 720nm IR filter, color neutralized.

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Obviously FuckSnooze, Alex Jones or some other right-wing propaganda outlet just posted some BS about the Green New Deal, because everywhere I look today, Trumpers and other assorted Deplorables are frothing at the mouth about it.


I just took a look at their site. Something less daunting than Blender would be good for me, haha.


Not sucky. Is that in Blender? I can do vectors in Inkscape (see my profile pic for one) and I have created a bunch of stuff in Freecad and on Tinkercad, but I've never had the patience or skill to unravel the mysteries of 3D sculpting.

And honestly, that looks pretty cool to me!

Playing with my newly acquired DSLR, which was gifted to me by a good friend. Having some fun with the infrared filters I just bought.

This is my cat, Leo, enjoying the sunshine in our hotel window.

Some justice was FINALLY served in this country. I did not watch any of the trial, because I grew weary of watching trial after trial end the same way and it just makes me angry.

I am elated that it finally ended differently this time. Watching him led away in handcuffs was momentarily satisfying.

Now lets fix this shit once and for all.

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"This is a button which hurts you when you press it"


Facebook's AI and review team are transphobic AF. Prove me wrong.

I'm much less depressed when I'm not spending time on Facebook.

venting, adhd related, sorta looking for advice 

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Well-stated, and I'm not saying that just to help relieve you of your feelings of Impostor Syndrome related to your writing, haha.

I feel the same way about everything I do. So much unpublished stuff, from stories and drawings, vector art, software and more. I dabble in and have been employed to do many things, but I keep it mostly to myself because I never feel like it's "good enough."

Feel free to post your "I got Zucked" shitty Facebook banning stories here!

Fried Resistors. Now with regular backups! lol

Still a lot of work to do, so there isn't much to see yet.

Test test test. First post on the new server.

Fried Resistors

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